About us
We are a company that has proven itself in the construction industry since 2010. We would like to share information about our company's values, which drive us forward in our daily work. We are a company that proudly offers a variety of construction services.

Our team is committed to providing clients with high quality services based on innovation, experience and technological advancements in the construction industry. Our mission is to provide not only efficient and safe construction processes, but also to offer individual solutions that fully meet customer requirements.
We strive to be reliable cooperation partners, promoting sustainable development and environmental protection. Regardless of the size of the project, we pay attention to the smallest details and take care of each client and partner. We believe that through joint efforts and excellent solutions, we will create a viable and progressive future.
A view into the future
AJ Celtnieks is a company that prides itself on high standards of professionalism and professional construction ethics. Our culture is built on several basic principles that promote both internal cooperation and relations with customers and society as a whole.
The beginnings of the company's activities can be traced back to Ireland and Germany, where the manager of SIA "AJ Celtnieks" Jānis Antons learned and perfected his skills in plastering works and insulation of building facades, in the process of building construction. In 2010, a company was founded in Latvia, transferring quality requirements from the requirements of the German market. The company is able to offer a wide range of facade insulation and machine plastering services, as well as interior finishing works of buildings - painting, puttying, etc.
We pay a lot of attention to the labor warranty, proving our commitment to provide customers with quality and sustainable construction solutions. The company prides itself on its work standards and offers clients confidence in the excellence of the work performed. AJ Celtnieks actively cooperates with customers, providing comprehensive information about the work process and using high-quality materials. In addition, should any problems occur after the work is completed, the company accepts responsibility and responds quickly to address any gaps or deficiencies. Work guarantee is important to us, and it works so that customers are completely satisfied with the work performed and receive long-term trust in the company.
Basic principles of the company
  • Quality and Excellence
    We strive to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers and partners by offering high quality services and solutions. Excellence is at the heart of what we do, and we believe that with every project we have an opportunity to demonstrate our technical and professional skills.
  • Safety
    We value not only work efficiency, but also safety. Our priority is to create a work environment where employees and customers feel safe and trust our team's abilities. Trust is the basis of relationships, both in internal communication and in cooperation with customers.
  • Innovation and Development
    We are future-oriented and focus on innovation in the construction industry. We are constantly improving and refining our approach using the latest technology and best practices.
  • Warranty
    We take full responsibility for the work done and offer a multi-year warranty for each project to promote maximum satisfaction with the work done.

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