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We offer a wide range of high-quality wood materials to satisfy customers with different ideas in the use of wood materials. Our assortment includes various wood species and materials suitable for use. Whether you're creating furniture, trim pieces, or building project components, we're here to provide you with quality, natural materials.
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Planed C24 Timber

C24 timbers are high-quality wooden elements, manufactured taking into account specific standards and specifications. These materials are selected and processed to ensure optimal strength and stability in construction projects. Known for superior fit and precision cut, C24 lumber is often used as structural members in a variety of structures, including timber frame homes, floors, walls and roofs. Their resistance to load and reliability make them suitable for both residential and commercial constructions, ensuring a long-lasting and safe construction. These timbers often meet standards that guarantee high quality and manufacturing precision, making them a popular choice in the construction industry.
High quality

Our company's timber is considered a high-quality product, providing customers with excellent material strength, aesthetics and sustainability. We work carefully in all manufacturing processes to guarantee that each piece of timber meets the highest quality standards.

We strive to provide a unique and individual approach to each client. Our specialists work together with clients to understand the necessary needs, perceptions and design requirements, offering personalized solutions that fully match the client's project.

Individual approach
Delivery and Service

We pride ourselves on timely and reliable delivery, ensuring that customers receive their timber on time. Our team also pays special attention to the customer's wishes and offers professional service, providing comprehensive support from order development to delivery and beyond.

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