Renovation of multi-apartment buildings

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We are a company that specializes in apartment building renovation services, providing high quality repairs and upgrades. Our team is experienced and committed to transforming old and dilapidated buildings into modern, efficient and aesthetically pleasing living spaces.

Our goal is to create sustainable and modern residences, providing clients with high quality, professional approach and meeting deadlines. Take a step towards a modernized and improved living environment with our apartment building renovation services.

AJ Celtnieks is a company that offers apartment building renovation services. These advantages make our company a reliable partner in apartment building renovation projects, where customers can rely on a professional and quality approach

Our Renovation Advantages

  • 14+ Years

    Extensive experience in construction design.
  • 30+ Projects

    We are proud of our wide range of projects.
  • 95% Zemgale

    Most of Our work can be found in and around the bottom end.
Replacement of engineering communications

Replacing the heating system

A newer and more efficient heating system ensures optimal heat distribution in apartments, increasing energy efficiency and reducing heat loss. Modern technologies allow to effectively control the temperature and save energy, creating comfortable and economical living conditions.

The new water pipes ensure not only stable and high-quality water flow, but also reduce water losses and potential leaks. Modernized systems include smart technologies that allow users to effectively control water consumption, promoting sustainable use of resources.

Replacement of water pipes

Replacement of the sewage system

An innovative sewage system ensures efficient drainage of wastewater, reducing blockages and ensuring safe and reliable operation of the system. The new systems offer environmentally friendly solutions and modern technologies to improve the sewage process and reduce the impact on the environment.

Renovation Advantages
  • Value Increase

    Renovation can increase the value of a property, making it more attractive to potential buyers or tenants.
  • Increasing energy efficiency

    Renovations allow to improve the building's energy efficiency, reducing energy costs and environmental impact.
  • Modernized Infrastructure

    The renovation process allows to renew and modernize the infrastructure of the building, including electricity, water and heat supply systems.
  • Aesthetic Improvement

    The renovation offers an opportunity to improve the appearance of the building by introducing modern design elements and adapting it to the latest fashion and technology standards.
  • Renovation Pays off

    Renovation of multi-apartment buildings offers a great opportunity to save money by implementing energy-efficient solutions. First, modern insulation and the use of energy-efficient materials can significantly reduce heating costs, providing long-term benefits.

    Such projects often require investment, and many building owners consider taking out loans to finance this type of renovation. Seemingly high expenses pay off the loan not only through savings in energy efficiency, but also increase property value and reduce environmental impact.

    Energy-efficient measures such as efficient insulation, an upgraded heating system and energy-efficient windows can save money on both the day-to-day running costs of the building and heating bills. In the long term, such an investment pays off, providing a stable and lower level of living costs for the residents of the building.

    In addition, energy-efficient renovations and the use of modern solutions make buildings more attractive to potential residents, which can positively affect not only the current owners' quality of life, but also the future sale or rental value of the property. Thus, while a loan may seem like an investment at first, it ultimately pays off both financially and in a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Renovation with Building Insulation

    In a modern way of life, building insulation is an essential step, ensuring not only the warmth of the home, but also sustainable and efficient energy efficiency. Our company offers building insulation services that comply with the latest standards and technologies. By choosing our team, you will get not only high-quality insulation, but also expert advice on choosing the most suitable insulation materials and solutions.

    We are committed to improving the energy efficiency of your building, reducing energy costs and promoting green living. Whether you are planning a renovation or want to increase the thermal insulation of the building, we are here to provide your home with modern comfort and efficient heat preservation. With our building insulation services, you will not only improve your living conditions, but also make a sustainable investment in the future. Loose cotton is a great energy efficiency measure, which we'll talk about in the next section.
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Previous Renovation Works


Bauskas street 55 / 12.06.2022
Simplified renovation of the facade of an apartment building - 31 apartments


Edgara Kauliņa Aleja 11 / 07.06.2020
Simplified renovation of the facade of an apartment building - 19 apartments


Garozas street 24 / 14.04.2023
Renovation of a simplified facade of an apartment building - 33 apartments


Kastaņu street 2A / 07.12.2022
Multi-apartment residential buildings, Simplified facade renovation - 32 apartments


Katoļu street 9 / 01.04.2023
Renovation of a simplified facade of an apartment building - 10 apartments


Lāčplēša street 17 / 10.10.2018
Measures to increase the energy efficiency of multi-apartment residential buildings - 27 apartments


Mātera street 17 / 12.07.2021
Simplified renovation of the facade of an apartment building - 55 apartments


Vigriežu street 30 / 25.09.2017
Measures to increase the energy efficiency of multi-apartment residential buildings - 36 apartments - First Altum Project


Meža street 2 / 20.04.2021
Simplified renovation of the facade of an apartment building - 24 apartments


Nurmuižu street 33 / 14.12.2020
Measures to increase the energy efficiency of apartment buildings - 90 apartments


Dārza street 6 / 21.04.2021
Simplified renovation of the facade of an apartment building - 8 apartments


Pirmā street 33 / 07.05.2019
Simplified facade renovation of a two-apartment residential building - 32 apartments


Saules street 17 / 05.05.2022
The set of construction works necessary for the implementation of measures to increase the energy efficiency of the multi-apartment building - 33 apartments
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