Construction of private houses

The Big Step

The construction of a private house is an exciting and important stage in life, offering the opportunity to create the home of your dreams. The goal is to create not only a building, but also a place where the owner feels comfortable and in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Our goal is to help clients achieve their dream home vision by offering full-service construction and attention to detail. Contact us to learn more about the possibilities of building a private house and start the path to a new phase of life in your home.
Traditional Masonry House Construction
Wooden Frame Construction


Our company specializes in the construction of various wooden frame structures using modern technologies and traditional craft values. Timber frame technology is one of the oldest and most reliable construction methods, providing excellent durability in structures.

We pay special attention to the choice of materials to ensure high quality and sustainability in the construction of our timber frame structures. We use natural wood materials that are obtained from sustainable and managed forest nurseries. The materials we offer ensure not only resistance to weather conditions, but also an aesthetic and warm atmosphere in buildings.

Quality Materials

Individualized Solutions

On every project, we work closely with clients to understand their needs and design preferences. We offer individualized solutions, adapting the design of wooden frame structures according to the client's personal requirements and style. Whether it is a home, a sauna or any other building, we accept the challenge of creating a unique and functional structure that fully satisfies the client's wishes.

  • Timber Frame Construction with Full Cycle and Design

    Our company offers full-cycle timber frame construction services that include both design and implementation to provide customers with a simple and efficient construction experience. From a thorough consultation and design stage, we work to understand the client's needs, requirements and aesthetic preferences. Our experienced architects and engineers develop high-quality and functional projects, taking into account both the building's durability and aesthetics.

    After the successful development of the project, we offer a complete cycle in construction, which includes the creation of a high-quality wooden frame structure, efficient execution of work and finishing works. Our goal is to provide customers not only with a reliable and durable building, but also to facilitate the construction process by offering a full range of services from idea to implementation. Such an approach allows us to achieve optimal results and create wooden frame buildings that meet the highest requirements of the client.
Construction of private house villages
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