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We realize your construction visions with high quality, modern design and sustainable solutions. Our hands, your safety.

Innovative construction. Trust. Sustainable solutions.

Our mission

AJ Celtnieks implements high-quality construction solutions, focusing on innovation and sustainability. We transform customer wishes into reality, creating a sustainable environment and maintaining trust in our services in the Latvian construction industry. Our mission is to build the homes of the future and strengthen the connection between people and their spaces.

Custom Construction Solutions

We provide individual and customized construction solutions, reflecting the client's wishes and ensuring high quality, using modern technologies and sustainable practices.
Why choose Us?
  • Experience and Reliability
    AJ Celtnieks offers extensive experience in the construction industry. Our team consists of experienced professionals who ensure not only technical execution, but also reliable and honest cooperation with clients.
  • Individual Approach
    AJ Celtnieks stands out with an individual approach to each project. We carefully study the client's preferences and characteristics, creating customized solutions that reflect and exceed the client's expectations.
  • High Quality and Durability
    Our company strives to provide high quality construction and sustainable solutions. Using modern technology and quality materials, we guarantee an excellent result.
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