Bulk wool

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Today, mechanized bulk wool technology is increasingly used in construction, which offers efficient and accurate solutions for warming buildings. This process involves modern machines and equipment that ensure optimal spreading and consolidation of the wool.
  • Working process of bulk wool

    At the beginning, a thorough preparation of the building takes place, including cleaning from dust and dirt, as well as the necessary safety measures. Next, using a special bulking cotton wool machine, cotton wool is spread evenly in all directions. At this stage, a high-density and uniform dispersion of cotton wool is achieved, ensuring maximum thermal insulation.

    The mechanized bulk wool systems are adapted to different construction elements and shapes, allowing insulation even in complex or uneven constructions. Thus, the process is not only efficient, but also flexible, adapting to different buildings and structures.

    One of the advantages of mechanized bulk cotton is speed and efficiency. Machines can do the job much faster than manual methods, saving time and labor. In addition, this process ensures the exact thickness of the insulation layer, which is essential for the efficiency of the thermal insulation.
Working with bulk wool
  • The most up-to-date solution in heat insulation

    Finally, loose wool is one of the most effective ways to ensure good thermal insulation in any building. It provides high energy efficiency, significantly reducing heat loss and energy costs. In addition, loose wool is a natural and environmentally friendly material that also provides good sound insulation. This makes it an excellent choice for both new construction and renovation of existing buildings.
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