Construction machinery Services

Professional Construction Engineering Services for Your Project

Our company offers high-quality construction engineering services designed to ensure the implementation of your construction projects. With a modern and versatile fleet of construction equipment, we are able to perform a wide variety of construction works. By cooperating with us, you will receive not only high-class construction engineering services, but also a personal approach, careful project management and special attention to project details. Our goal is to help you realize your construction and infrastructure projects.

Our Offered Services

Dump truck services

MAN 26.463
We provide efficient and safe cargo transportation with the MAN 26.463 dump truck, offering extensive logistics and construction options.

Manipulator services

DAF CF 85.410
Our professional team provides a wide range of handling services using modern DAF CF 85.410 equipment.

Services of tractor equipment

We offer various tractor engineering services to ensure a successful construction process.

Ekskavatora pakalpojumi

Wacker Neuson SP-6280
Using a modern Wacker Neuson SP-6280 excavator, we perform various excavation works, ensuring efficient and accurate results.

Ekskavatora Pakalpojumi

Our powerful NEW HOLLAND E215B excavator can handle a wide range of earthworks, from excavation to soil preparation.

Safety and Quality

For us, safety and quality are the most important principles in the provision of our construction engineering services. After careful technical condition monitoring and regular maintenance, we guarantee that all our work equipment is in good condition and ready for effective and safe project implementation work.

Our construction machinery services offer access to a modern and diverse machinery fleet, which includes the latest and most efficient construction machinery units. This allows our customers to choose exactly the technical equipment that best meets their specific requirements.

Modern and Different Park

Experienced and Qualified Specialists

Our construction engineering services are provided by experienced and qualified specialists who are experts in their field. Our team is aware that efficient construction and work safety depend on the correct use of technical equipment, so we ensure that our employees are highly qualified professionals.

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