Plastering Works

Plastering is Our Art

The renderings we offer for the private and industrial sector combine the latest technology with speed and high quality. AJ Celtnieks provides an individual approach to each client, offering machine plastering, including both gypsum plastering and lime plastering works. We process both interior spaces and exterior facades.

AJ Celtnieks offers high-quality and innovative machine plastering solutions. An experienced team, modern materials and an individual approach ensure a sustainable and aesthetic result, according to the client's wishes.

Our Accommodation Advantages

Benefits of plastering work
  • Aesthetics and Smooth Surface

    Plastering works ensure a smooth and uniform surface of the building, giving it an aesthetic and attractive appearance.
  • Warmth and Comfort

    High-quality plastering materials provide additional warmth, improving indoor comfort and reducing energy costs.
  • Durability and Protection

    High-quality finishing protects against moisture penetration and external weather conditions, ensuring the sustainability of the building.
  • Design Options

    Plastering works provide wide design possibilities, allowing to adapt the finish to the individual wishes and trends of the client.
  • Modernized Infrastructure

    Plastering work is an essential stage that includes the renovation and restoration of existing surfaces. Our specialists perform a comprehensive assessment and select a suitable plaster that meets the specific construction and aesthetic goals.

    Cement-lime plaster and gypsum solutions are used in plastering works, providing not only a durable and functional plaster, but also a renewed visual appeal. The accurate application of plaster is essential to ensure not only an aesthetically pleasing result, but also to preserve the integrity of the structures.

    With our expertise in mechanical plastering and restoration plastering, clients can rely on speed, quality and individual approach, ensuring a sustainable and visually appealing result for their buildings and projects.
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